Supported Platforms

You will find below the list of all supported platforms for different ports of wxWindows 2.x (wxMSW/wxGTK/wxMotif ports only). The cross icon in the third column doesn't always mean that the platform is not supported, but may just wxWindows hasn't been tested on it recently (the table is being updated for wxWindows 2.5.1 currently).

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If you have tested wxWindows on a platform not mentioned here, please tell us about your experience on our mailing list! We would especially like to have information about compiling wxGTK on other Unix variants, such as IRIX, DG-UX, other flavours of BSD, ... Please note that you will generally need GNU make (also known as gmake) to compile wxWindows, native make programs often don't work.

wxWindows 2 Platforms
Platform Compiler Status Tested by Remarks
(Win 9x/NT/2K)
Visual C++ 4.2/5.x/6.0OkVZ, JSProject files are provided for all versions except 4.2
Borland C++ 5.0Ok
Also works with free command line Borland C++ 5.5
Mingw32OkGRG, VZCross compilation from Linux works as well
Version 2.95.2 recommended, otherwise some (included) patches must be applied
Memory debugging code doesn't seem to work well
CygwinOkStephane Junique
Andrea Venturoli
tested under NT 4, cross-compiling for mingw also works
Watcom C++ 10AlmostJSTested with 10.6: works, but wxImage seems to be broken
no support for JPEG, TIFF or OpenGL
Watcom C++ 11OkMarkus NeiferTested with 11.0b under win95
Open Watcom 1.0OkChris ElliottTested with 1.0 under W2K(?)
Digital Mars (was Symantec C++)OkChris ElliottTested with 8.34beta
(Windows XP/2003)
Visual C++ 7.1No Some minor corrections not done yet but will be in time for 2.6.0...
(Windows 3.1)
Visual C++ 1.52Ok
Some features are missing (OLE related classes, threads, ...)
Borland C++ can't cope with ODBC, resources and new wxGrid class.
Last working version is wxWindows 2.2.7, support for Win16 has been abandoned in 2.4.x. and all traces of Win16 code were removed after cvs BEFORE_WIN16_REMOVAL tag
Borland C++ 4.0/5.0OkJS
Linux x86 wxGTK with gcc 2.7.2Unknown
Might work, but nobody uses it any more
wxGTK with gcc 2.95--3.3OkVZ, RR
with LessTif 0.87
with OpenMotif

All BSD systems tests are for wxGTK using gcc.
FreeBSD all versions between 3.2 and 5.1 x86OkVZ
NetBSD 1.6, AlphaOkVZ
OpenBSD 3.1, AlphaOkVZSome problems with shared libraries, ok with static ones
Solaris wxMotif with Sun CC 4.2OkVZThread support must be disabled on system with not MT-safe X11
wxMotif with gccOk

wxGTK with Sun CC 4.2Ok 
wxGTK with gccOk

wxGTK with Sun CC 5.0 and 6.1 (Solaris 7 and 8)OkJiri MracekYou have to edit line 2079 in glib.h to fix GTK+ error
wxGTK 2.5.1 with Sun CC 6.2 (Solaris 6 and 8)OkCarl GodkinUsing GNU make
AIX wxGTK 2.2.9 with gcc 3.0.4OkIan BrownShared library building doesn't work, use --disable-shared
wxGTK 2.3.3 with xlC (AIX 4.3.2)OkIrvin ProbstBoth static and shared wxGTK libraries work, but only with static GTK+ and GLib
wxX11 2.4.2 with xlC 6 (AIX 5.1)OkSwengtooIn 2.4.2 you need to remove parentheses from the configure line containing AIX_CXX_LD; you should also use GNU make
wxMotif with xlC (AIX 4.2)Ok Bernhard Eck Some problems with OpenGL and native X server
wxMotif 2.6.2 with gcc 3.3 (AIX 5.2)OkVZBecause of the bugs in gcc standard headers I had to use --disable-largefile
Both static and shared libraries work
HP-UX 10.20 wxGTK with HP CC A.10.22
or HP aCC B3910B A.01.18
OkStaf Verhaegen you need to add -Aa -D_HPUX_SOURCE to CFLAGS
HP-UX 10.20 wxGTK with gccOkJulian Albo Garcia
HP-UX B.11.00 wxGTK 2.6.2 with gcc 3.3.1OkChristoph Hallerremove /opt/imake/bin and /usr/sbin from PATH because they contain versions of install which don't work
HP-UX 11i v1 PA-RISC, wxMotif 2.5.4, tried aCC A.03.57 and g++ 3.4.2OkIan, Mike For a 32-bit PA-RISC build, if you want to use SHLIB_PATH to make it easier to use wxWidgets without installing it, then add LDFLAGS=-Wl,+s
If you want to compile the test suite then aCC A.03.57 requires CXX='aCC -AA'
aCC can also be used as the C compiler instead of cc by adding CC='aCC -Ae'
HP-UX 11i v2 IA64
wxMotif and wxGTK1 2.7.0
aCC A.06.05 or g++ 3.4
OkMike, VZ
Note that all entries use MIPSPro 7.3 compiler on IRIX 6.5 with default flags (i.e. in n32 mode) if not mentioned otherwise. Also note that you need to set LD_LIBRARYN32_PATH under IRIX to run wxWindows programs.
wxGTK 2.2OkIanYou may need to use --disable-catch_segvs if you get compiler error in utilsunx.cpp
wxGTK 2.5OkCarl Godkin
wxMotif 2.5OkDavid MarshallOn IRIX 6.5.6 (Indigo2, 64bit), with SGI Motif 1.2
wxMotif 2.6.2OkVZIRIX 6.5.27m, both 32 and 64 bit; with SGI Motif 2.1; using CC 7.4.4m
SCO UnixWare wxGTK with gccOkWilliam SuetholzUnixWare 2.1.3 with UnixWare 7 compatibility PTF
DEC OSF/1 (a.k.a. Tru64) wxGTK with gccOkFabrice DidierjeanOSF1 4.0 on Dec Alpha
you may need to run configure with --host=alpha-dec-osf switch
wxMotif1 2.7.0
(with Compaq/HP cxx 7.1)
OkVZOSF1 5.1B on AlphaServer ES45
You must set BIN_SH to "xpg4" to use wx-config
wxOS2-2.4.x with VAC++ 3.0AlmostDWSupport for this out-dated compiler has been given up for 2.5
wxOS2 with EMXAlmostSN
wxOS2 with EMX+gcc 3.2.1AlmostDave Parsons
Innotek gcc 3.2.2NoDWThis compilers uses an object format incompatible with current X11 libraries, so forget about wxGTK/wxMotif/wxX11. CVS now supports building wxOS2, but linking does not yet work OOTB.
Open Watcom 1.0/1.1No
Again, object format is incompatible with X11 libs, so forget about wxGTK/wxMotif/wxX11. We would need somebody having enough time to dig into the build system and find out how to adapt OpenWatcom's makefiles (or rather bakefiles) for Windows to OS/2.
wxGTK with EMXOkSN
wxMotif with EMXOkSNwith LessTif 0.89
wxX11 with EMXOkSN
wxGTK with EMX+gcc 3.2.1Ok

wxMotif with EMX+gcc 3.2.1Ok
with LessTif 0.89
wxX11 with EMX+gcc 3.2.1Ok

OpenVMS wxGTK with Compaq-C++ V6.2 (OpenVMS Alpha 7.3)OkJouk Jansen
Linux S/390 wxGTK with gcc 2.95.2OkVZ2.3.1+ only
Mac OS
wxMac CFM (OS 8.6+)OkSCwith Metrowerks CodeWarrior 8.3
wxMac Mach-O (OS X)OkSCCodeWarrior or Apple DevTools (gcc)
wxCocoa (OS X)SomewhatDEApple DevTools (gcc)

Contact Vadim Zeitlin with any comments/suggestions.