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How do I write a Unix makefile for my program?

The simplest way to write a makefile is to copy samples/minimal/makefile.unx from the wxWidgets distribution and adapt it to your needs. Notice that you should not use Makefile file from the same directory as it only works for the samples because it assumes that the program being built is inside wxWidgets source tree.

The makefile.unx files use wx-config instead and are more flexible. The minimal makefile has comments inside it explaining how to adapt it for your program.

configure failed with mysterious error, what to do?

If you get an error from configure, please look in the generated config.log file and try to find the test which failed (it might be not at the very end of the file) there, usually it will contain enough information to help you solve the problem. If this is not the case and you post a question about it to a mailing list, please be sure to include the relevant parts of this file as well as configure output in your message.