wxWidgets for Motif FAQ

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What version of Motif do I need?

You will need version 1.2 or above. Version 2 should also be fine. Some people have had a positive experience with Lesstif, a free Motif clone. (Note from Julian Smart - I use the Linux version of MetroLink Motif 1.2.4).

What features are missing or partially implemented?

The following classes are not yet implemented: wxSpinButton, wxCheckListBox, wxJoyStick, wxGLCanvas.

The following classes are not likely to be implemented because there is no sensible equivalent on Motif: wxMiniFrame, wxTaskBar.

These features are not yet implemented:

Why are windows are not refreshed properly until I resize them?

Very occasionally you can experience this glitch, probably because sometimes the window tries to resize and repaint itself before the final size is known. The workaround is to add code like this after window creation and initialization:

#ifdef __WXMOTIF__
  wxNoOptimize noOptimize;
  window->SetSize(-1, -1, w, h);