SSC : Experiments in Neuroscience


Main objectives


Week 1) Introduction to nervous system of invertebrates, nerve conduction and synapses.
Introduction to apparatus.
Lab courtesy and safety

Week 2) Cockroach leg: sensory transduction – what information is encoded?

Protocol  Data

Week 3) Cockroach nerve cord, nerve conduction, use of natural and electrical stimuli, oscilloscope as recorder


Week 4) Locust breathing: motor control

Protocol Data

Weeks 5&6) Drosophila eye photoreceptors: computer based stimuli-acquisition

Protocol Data (in zip file)

Week 7) Fly neuromuscular junction – confocal microscopy

Protocol  Data (in zip file)

Week 8) CNS: Intracellular recording technique from snail neurons


Week 9) Discussion of data and planning writeup

Suggestions for PPT and writeup (2 pages max text, + figures each on a separate page with a short legend):

Introduction: Background to organism/part of nervous system used.
Method: very brief, outline in 1 or 2 sentences (we followed the protocol...)
Results: show data recordings, describe the prominent features, e.g. firing rate of action potentials, effect of maintained v transient stimuli
Discussion: what general conclusions do you draw? Any similar data form other experiments in this series/literature?

Week 10) Available in case of problems!

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Software - if these are not on your system, you can download the software for free:

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