SSC Autumn Term 2010

Experiments in Neuroscience


Main objectives


Week 1) Introduction to nervous system of invertebrates, nerve conduction and synapses. Introduction to apparatus. Lab courtesy and safety

Week 2) Cockroach nerve cord, nerve conduction, use of natural and electrical stimuli, oscilloscope as recorder


Data Responses to: Sub-threshold stimulus Supra-threshold stimulus (scale 1 ms/square horizontally, stimulus trace, 0.5 V/square vertically)

Week 3) Cockroach leg: sensory transduction – what information is encoded?

Protocol  Data (in zipfile) and excellent trace, showing transient big spikes from spine and little ones which persist from the chordotonal organs.

Week 4) Locust breathing: motor control

Protocol Data (in Zipfile)

Weeks 5&6) Drosophila eye photoreceptors: computer based stimuli-acquisition

Protocol Data: Response to blue light

Week 7) CNS: Intracellular recording technique from snail neurons

Protocol  Data: 10_11_11h39m.flz   10_11_11h52m.flz   10_11_11h43m.flz   10_11_11h1m.flz   You will need the latest version of Dasyview (> 2.1.4) to read these files

Week 8) Fly neuromuscular junction – confocal microscopy

Protocol Data (You will need to unzip the file and then use the Zeiss software or ImageJ to read the files )

Week 9) PowerPoint Presentation of one experiment

Week 10) Report on write-up and feedback

Suggestions for PPT and writeup (2 pages max text, + figures each on a separate page with a short legend):

Introduction: Background to organism/part of nervous system used.
Method: very brief, outline in 1 or 2 sentences (we followed the protocol...)
Results: show data recordings, describe the prominent features, e.g. firing rate of action potentials, effect of maintained v transient stimuli
Discussion: what general conclusions do you draw? Any similar data form other experiments in this series/literature?


Chris Elliott 17 Nov 2010