Proboscis Extension Response (PER) in Drosophila

Proboscis extension response
We have been filming flies with defective Proboscis extension responses (PER)
Fly being presented with droplet of sucrose, proboscis retracted, legs not yet in the droplet Same fly, now with the legs having touched the sucrose droplet, and having consequently extended the proboscis to drink from the sucrose solution


Wildtype PER stimulated by sucrose droplet to the legs

Wildtype fly shows 4 rapid responses

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Fly expressing a PD related mutation

LRRK2-G2019S expression in dopaminergic neurons shows 3 weaker movements, which are much slower

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Video recorded with Zeiss ERC camera, by Diana Ivanoiu, 2014

Other PER responses of Drosophila are available on Youtube