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AviLine is a program to display videos (eg of fly organs) and analyse the movement of muscles the frame. You use the mouse cursor to draw lines on the video frame and then the program analyses the movement of the organ along the line. Data are exported in a format which can be read by Excel, or by Openoffice.

System Requirements: The program is delivered in binary form, and will run on MS Windows (XP, win2K, 98) or Linux. A Mac version can be requested.

Video formats: On MS Windows the program will open any video format supported by your windows media player. On Linux only uncompressed MS windows videos can be opened

Warranty: None - use at your own risk

Copyright & License: The executable program is copyright Chris Elliott & University of York and may be redistributed freely provided this copyright and license page accompanies it.

Bugs and suggestions: should be emailed to me.

Chris Elliott (biol75@york.ac.uk) 29 Sept 05