Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience

Textbooks for this Module

Hammond, C. (2001) Cellular & Molecular Neurobiology. Academic Press 2nd ed
Smith, C.U.M. (2002)  Elements of Molecular neurobiology Wiley (3rd ed)    
Purves, D et al (2004) Neurobiology Sinauer (3rd ed)

Levitan IB & Kaczmarek, LB (1997) The Neuron OUP
Nicholls DG (1994) Proteins Transmitters and Synapses. Blackwell

General Reviews 

Cell Volume 100 Supplement Neural science

First lecture: Single channel function and form

Girault, J-A & Peres, E (2002) Development of nodes of ranvier. Curr. Opin. neurobiol. 12:476-485 (ppt: pages 3-4)
Brophy PJ (2003)  Myelinated Nerves: Filling in the Juxtaparanodal Gap Current Biology  13: R956-R957

Sakmann et al Cold Spr Harb Symp Quant Biol. 48:247-257 (old but covers all the basics of single channel recordings in a very clear way) (ppt:page 8)
Catteral, W.A. (2000) From ionic currents to molecular mechanisms: the structure and function of voltage gated sodium channels. Neuron 26:13-25 (ppt: page 9-10)
Horn, R (2000) A New Twist in the Saga of Charge Movement in Voltage-Dependent Ion Channels  Neuron 25:511-514 (ppt: page 11)
Franks, NP & Honore, E (2004) The TREK K2P channels and their role in general anaesthesia and neuroprotection Trends pharm 25:601-608

Issue of J Physiol (Nov 2003) reviewing ion channels
issue of Trends in Neurosciences (June 2004) reviewing ion channels

The powerpoint presentation is here for computers on the york.ac.uk zone

Chris Elliott,  Oct 2004