This course supplements the Nerve Muscle & Movement lectures.

You should attempt one of the Case Studies, working in teams of 4-7. You will be asked to organise yourselves into teams -

You should organise yourselves into groups and the group democratically choose one of these case studies

Case Study 1: Ionic concentration changes during an action potential?
Case Study 2: Analysis of Nerve Recordings .
Case Study 3: Analysis of the speed of conduction
Case Study 4: Analysis of changes during muscle contraction

About Case Studies

The Case Studies are intended as a group project. At the laboratory session, you will be asked to form sets, each with 4-7 members. You should arrange to meet together during weeks 2 and 3. You should elect a leader and a secretary and to work towards the report on your project.

The project should be writien in flowing English, with headings as necessary. You may leave any calculations to an Appendix.

Assistance with the case studies: You should feel free to ask me about the Case Studies. Use E-mail to make an appointment. I shall be available on Friday 26 May from 1030-1600 in my office LO/016 for discussion of final points.


Case Study

These must be submitted via the General Office. The deadline is Friday 2 June (end of week 6). This is a group report, submitted by the group leader whom you will elect. Your Examination number must appear on the front cover.

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